Monday, December 16, 2013

Candy Cane Table Decoration

Time for Christmas parties!  Here's a simple and inexpensive candy cane table decoration perfect for any children's Christmas party. Have fun!

Candy Cane Table Decoration

Materials needed: 
8 candy canes
28 -30" long piece of 1.5-2" wide wire edged ribbon

* Gather 8 candy canes together
* Tie the ribbon around the canes into a nice bow (may need an extra helping hand to hold the candy canes as you tie the ribbon)
* Adjust the candy canes and bow into a standing position

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Magnetic Flannel Board

You’ve heard the phrase “what goes around comes around.”  Well apparently it’s true with, believe it or not, those Bible story flannel board felt sets you may recall from your Grandparent's days as Sunday school students.  At the church we attend we recently set out a variety of toys for first grade children to play with during their Sunday kid's ministry activity time. The toys included building blocks, a puzzle, a chalk art project, and a felt and flannel board set with pre-cut characters illustrating a particular Bible story. It was interesting to see the children drawn to the felt set. They appeared to be “telling the story" themselves with the brightly colored hands-on visuals. Children’s ministry teachers have found the Bible felt sets a beneficial resource to use on occasion.

We’ve found a simple and very economical way to make flannel boards that attach to already installed classroom magnetic dry erase boards. The flannel boards can easily be stored away when not in use.  Again, easy to make, easy to store, and inexpensive!  Here’s how to make your own.


Materials needed:
  * poster board
  * flannel material
  * spray adhesive
  * fabric cutter
  * decorative self stick felt designs (optional)

* Spread the flannel out smooth on a flat surface making sure there are no wrinkles
* In a well ventilated area generously spray the adhesive on one side of the poster board making sure the entire surface and all edges are completely sprayed
* Immediately place the adhesive side down onto the flannel cloth pressing down firmly. 
* Carefully use the cutter to trim away the excess fabric from the poster board edges
* If desired attach decorative self stick felt pieces

* Attach magnetic strips to the back side of the poster board.

* Attaches to magnetic dry erase boards!

* Use in small group classrooms or activity centers

Sample of felt sets available at:
Children's Ministry Resource Co.

Birth of Jesus Pre-Cut Felt Set

Fruit of the Spirit Pre-Cut Felt Set

Emotions Pre-Cut Felt Set

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jesus Lessons in Parables Bulletin Board

Jesus Lessons in Parables Bulletin Board Poster Set is at the top of our favorites list! Gain a new understanding of familiar stories through this creative and colorful "stain glass" interpretation of the parables. Eight posters summarize the meaning of the parables and highlight the abundant rewards of living according to Jesus' instructions. Set includes eight 11" x 17" posters. 

Parables include:
available at
The Mustard Seed  Luke 13:18-19

The Barren Fig Tree Luke 13:6-8

The Wise & Foolish Builders  Matt 7:24-27
The Rich Fool  Luke 12:16-21
The Good Samaritan  Luke 10:25-37
The Persistent Widow  Luke 18:1-8
The Unmerciful Servant  Matt. 18:21-35

available at
The Lost Sheep  Luke 15:L1-7

 We've searched through the shelves of decorative punch out letters and bulletin board trims and have selected several items that coordinate with the Jesus Lessons in Parables Set. The Eric Carle Shades of Blue 3" straight border trim published by Carson Delossa has the look of stained glass and blends nicely with the posters.

Item #CD108065

Finish with small 1.75" decorative punch out letters for display titles or special messages.  We've chosen the blue and red letter sets - both with unique designs.

Item #NS1502
Item #NS1503

Jesus Lessons in Parables Bulletin Board Poster Set is published by NorthStar Teacher Resources and is available at the Children's Ministry Resource Co.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

National Day of Prayer, May 2, 2013

Praying for all who work in children's ministries!  Praying kids and their families will know God's great love and understand who Jesus is and what He did for each of us - the greatest love story ever told!

Blessings, Children's Ministry Resource Co. 

Poster NS3401

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Sing a New Song" Bulletin Board Theme

Boho Bird Bulletin Board Set

Spring is here and the birds are flying back North! Join in the celebration and decorate your Christian school and children's church classroom with the NEW Boho Bird bulletin board set. This cute and colorful display is perfect for a "Sing to the Lord a New Song," Psalm 33:3 theme! Includes tree limbs, 1 large 13.5" x 10.25" yellow bird, 35 small birds, and 40 leaves. Complete the display with matching bulletin board trim available with either straight or scalloped edges. Straight trim is easy to use and has continuity of design.  Two-sided scalloped trim features birds on one side and solid red on the other and can be stacked for a layered look. Create a colorful Spring classroom theme students, teachers, and parents will love!

Boho Bird Two-Sided Border Trim

Additional coordinating products also available that will continue and compliment the bird theme throughout the classroom.  Add final touches with coordinating letters, leaves, birds, incentive charts, and matching stickers.

EZ 4" Pre-Cut Boho Letters
Create eye-catching messages with EZ 4" Pre-Cut Letters

Boho Bird Cut-Outs
Also available: cut-outs, two-sided accents, charts, notepads, and stickers!
The Boho Bird Design Collection is published by Carson Dellosa and is available for purchase at Children's Ministry Resource Co.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PRAISE Resources And Activity Ideas

Last Sunday was another great day teaching a class of first grade Sunday school kids!  We've been emphasizing the word "praise" during the past few weeks. What it means and how we can praise God.  PRAISE letters from the Carson Dellosa Bulletin Board God is Love Set were displayed across the front of the room. Each letter measures about 12" in height and really catches the eye!

Our small group teachers used Faith that Sticks praise stickers during craft and activity table time. Stickers are an inexpensive tool for reinforcing a Bible story or principal being taught.  Kids love stickers and so do teachers!

Suggestion: Read Psalm 150 to the kids when using these stickers: 

"Praise the Lord with the sounding of the trumpet... with the harp and lyre...
with tambourine and dancing...
with strings and flute...
with the clash of cymbals....
Let everything that has breath praise the Lord." NIV.

Classroom music instruments were brought out of the resource supply closet.  Triangles, tambourines, and cymbals were handed out to the kids after a quick demonstration of when and how to play each instrument. The kids loved lining up front and making a joyful noise while singing praises! Both students and teachers were reminded to praise the Lord! We recommend that you keep a set of instruments stored away and occasionally used for a special music time.
Kids also love to use movement/dance streamers during praise time! Movement streamers are an easy to make resource idea.  Just tie an assortment of ribbons to a small 3"-5" wooden or brass loop/ring. Use tissue party streamers for a disposable version. Supplies may be purchased at most craft/hobby stores.  Make sure the kids have plenty of space while they dance and praise!


Friday, May 18, 2012

May and June Jonti-Craft Furniture Sale !

May and June brings a great sale on Jonti-Craft Paper-Tray Cubbies, Paper Trays, and select Natural Birch Kitchen Furniture.  We highly recommend products from Jonti-Craft, a leader in early learning classroom furniture.  They offer quality products, great selection, and most items made in the U.S.A. Take a look at their online catalog.  

Jonti-Craft Paper Tray Cubbies with clear or colored paper trays on sale during the months of May and June! Available in 12, 24, or 30 paper-tray cubbie sizes. All Jonti-Craft products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified and also GREENGUARD Children and Schools Certified.  All products meet super strict standards designed especially for children, to ensure they do not emit harmful chemicals.

Paper trays available in 14 colors, with or without lids. Paper and spiral notebooks lay flat. 11" wide x 13.5" deep x 3" high.

The Natural Birch Kitchen sold separately or as a 4 piece set. Top of the line in playability, durability and beauty. Magnetic catches help keep doors closed.  Four "burner" stove with wooden turn-button controls. Sink features realistic pull out "sprayer". Counter is 23.5" high.

Children's Ministry Resource Co. is always happy to answer any of your questions.  Sale prices and custom shipping quotes combine to SAVE you money!

Visit us at: